Bonfire at teen campTeens at Sulamita are one energetic group of people! We come together Thursday evenings for class discussions and choir rehearsals. There we learn from the Bible and praise God with singing. Occasionally we visit our elderly brothers and sisters. We encourage them with hymns and God’s word and they encourage us with stories of their own lives following God.

W2015 Teen CampWe enjoy hiking. That’s a great way to appreciate God’s beautiful creation, get some good exercise and have a wonderful time together! Every summer and winter we have camps. These are exciting events, full of fun outdoor activities, bonding time with friends and heart-to-heart conversations. Most importantly, these are times when many teens give their lives to Jesus, when they are baptized with the Holy Spirit and when they learn from the Bible to follow Jesus in their daily lives.

If you are a teen and want to join, please do! Come Thursday night at 7:00 to one of the teen classes or contact Rusty or Tony. If you are an adult and want to serve teens, please contact us as well. We have many desires to expand teen activities, education and service to community, so your work is very needed!